Cold hard facts about perpetrators

  • 23% are known to the child
  • 15% are the natural father of the child
  • 12% are either the stepfather or de facto of the child
  • 1,831 charges of child abuse were laid in 2009, and
  • 451 arrests following reported sex crimes in 2009*

A silent epidemic is destroying the childhood and innocence of many children in NSW as the reported cases of child abuse crimes quadruple since 2004.

The NSW State Joint Investigation Response Squad (JIRS) is working to ensure the provision of a specialist child protection service. It supports Local Area Commands across NSW and works in partnership with the NSW Department of Community Services (DoCS) and NSW Department of Health (Health). It also operates in close association with the Sex Crimes Squad.

The squad is currently investigating over 3,000 cases which some victims as young as two or three years old. “In (most) cases in the last year, the offender was known in some way or another to the victim,” said Detective Superintendent  Devaney, Head of the State Crime Command’s Joint Investigation Response Squad, he went on to say ” any instance of child sex assault or significant physical assault should never happen.”

Because family members are often behind these acts, many of the children are unable to alert anyone to what they are being subjected to; they feel confused because the sacred bond of trust has been broken.  15% of the cases being investigated involve the child’s natural father, 12% involve a stepfather or defacto and 6% other close family members.

Acting State Crime Commander Geoff Beresford said “offenders instil a lot of fear in a child,” and they are unable to tell anyone. The squad often rely on information given to them by neighbours and schools. Victims carry deep scars for the rest of their lives any spend many years struggling with the consequences of another person’s vial act upon them.

Writer Helen Splarn. Editor Dr Ramesh Manocha

Source: *Sunday Telegraph