A backlash in public support has led Bonds to recall their colourful ‘bralettes’ which were marketed to children as young as 6 years old.

The recall of these training bras follows a campaign led by the grassroots movement Collective Shout and other child advocates opposed to the adultification and sexualisation of children.

Collective Shouts’ aim is to target corporations, advertisers, marketers and media that objectify women and sexualise girls to sell products and services.

On their website they said “Supporters of Collective Shout have contacted us saying that their little girls are asking for these items because other girls in their prep class are wearing them. Of course they don’t need them.”

The campaign to discredit Bonds gained momentum with angry parents and leading experts joining the call to boycott Bonds.

Adolescent psychologist and Generation Next speaker, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg called for a boycott of Bonds to send the company a strong message opposing the ‘adultification’ of children.

He said “This is deja vu. The only thing you can do is hit them where it hurts; I would call for a national boycott of all Bonds’ products.”

“Let them know we are not going to put up with this blatant adultification of our children. What’s wrong with letting little girls be little girls?”

In a statement, Bonds said it had withdrawn all bra-like products in girls’ sizes 6 and 8 from the market, effective immediately, after ‘consumer feedback’.

“Bonds takes its brand and product range extremely seriously, and is particularly conscious of the sensitivities of developing and marketing products for children,” the statement said.

Bond’s original idea behind the range was to meet a ‘consumer need of modesty, coverage and confidence’.

Julie Gale from Kids Free 2B Kids said “It is good to see a major company like Bonds finally recognise these items are totally unnecessary and contribute to the adultification and sexualisation of little girls.”

Child Advocate Melinda Tankard Reist congratulated Bonds on their swift response saying “We hope other companies will follow Bonds lead and withdraw all sexualised clothing for children from their stores.”

Writer Helen Splarn. Editor Dr Ramesh Manocha
Source: Sun Herald