Seminar – Scared, sleepless and hostile:  Children, violent/frightening media and public policy

The Australian Council on Children and the Media (ACCM) (Incorp. Young Media Australia) promotes healthy choices and stronger voices in children’s media. They are sponsoring this very important seminar which includes 3 international and 4 Australian researchers.

Speakers including John P Murray, Douglas Gentile and Ed Donnerstein  from the US, and Australians Wayne Warburton, Sarah Blunden, Richard Eckersley, and Elizabeth Handsley will  present and promote discussion on violent and frightening media, impacts on children’s sleep and anxiety levels, and policy responses including evidence-based classification systems. Prof Alan Hayes, Director of the Australian Institute of Family Studies, will chair the conference.

They will review the evidence on: 
• Does scary media content create ongoing fears?
• Does media use impact on children’s sleep?
• Is the jury still out on media violence?
• Can our classification systems be improved?

Hear the arguments, find out the facts and join the debate with parent organisations, education professionals, childcare and child safety agencies, regulators, classifiers, industry, police and criminologists, health and welfare practitioners, policy makers, academics, students.    Children’s media environment and policies are issues of concern for many.

SYDNEY, Tuesday 1 March from 9-5 pm

NSW Teachers Federation Conference Centre, Surry Hills. Sydney.
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Writer Helen Splarn. Editor Dr Ramesh Manocha.