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Net Savvy: Drug Aware

Drug Aware

The Drug Aware – Know what you’re getting into website is a great source of information about drugs and where to get help.

The program targets young people with messages about drug use that focus on the prevention of use and associated harm. It aims to do this providing credible, factual information that helps people make informed decisions.

The website has sections on:
• Stay Safe
• Drug Information
• Events and Sponsorship
• Getting Help
• News

It looks at the effects of many illicit drugs including Cannabis, Ecstasy and Amphetamines. It also covers issues such as sex and drugs and the dangers of taking drugs while driving.

In Stay Safe it gives the following advice:
It’s normal to want to go out and have fun. A night out with the intention of ‘partying’ could mean getting together with friends, to ‘hang out’, go to a pub or club, go to a private party at someone’s house, or go to a music event or festival.

There is no safe level of illicit drug use. The user can never tell exactly what an illegal drug contains, or what effect it will have, and this puts people at serious risk. If you suspect bad effects from drugs every second counts, react fast and call an ambulance. Police will not normally attend unless ambulance officers are threatened or there is a death.

On the Getting Help page it has 3 sections :
Do I need help? – Answer 10 questions about your personal drug use to see if you need help
Had too much? – know about overdose and what to do in an emergency
Where to get help – details on where to find help with drug problems

For more help email Drug Aware or for immediate help call the Alcohol and Drug Information Service on (08) 9442 5000 or 1800 198 024 toll-free for country callers.

Writer Helen Splarn. Editor Dr Ramesh Manocha.
Source: Drug Aware

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