Safer Internet Day: Tuesday 7 February 2012. The theme for the day is ‘Connecting generations and educating each other.’

Check out the Cybersmart / ACMA (Australian Communications & Media Authority) website for informative and fun resources that will get everyone from grandparents to teachers talking about the online world.

 There is a special section on the website for school and libraries that has lots of interactive activities that are provided free to schools through the ACMA’s Cybersmart program. They include Cybersmart Hero and Cybersmart Networking.

Multimedia activities include Tagged – When a group of high-school friends post a rumour about a rival it sparks a chain reaction that leaves no one untouched. Cyberbullying, sexting, filmed fights and police action ensue — will these friends avoid being tagged forever?

The Safer Internet Day website also provides lesson plans, brochurs and posters. These are designed to be straightforward and engaging activities for students that reinforce the importance of protecting privacy and digital reputation, and fostering good online etiquette.

There are also tips for kids and teens to remember when using social media networking sites.

Key messages
Cybersmart’s key messages for schools, libraries and families this Safer Internet Day are:

  • Talk about online safety: with all members of your family and school community
  • Protect Your Privacy: Check your privacy settings and update your software
  • Educate yourself about the online world: check out the Cybersmart resources

Writer Helen Splarn. Editor Dr Ramesh Manocha.
Source: ACMA’s program Cybersmart