Home and Away actor Jay Laga’aia has accused the show of racism saying he was dropped because the series already had a character of ethnic background.

It’s not only Play School that needs racial diversity. Shows that teenagers and grown-ups consume such as Home and Away should also more accurately represent multicultural Australia.








Then again, is the popularity of the show precisely because of its mono-racial cast? A similar debate was sparked in the UK recently when the producer of “Midsomer Murders” publicly stated that the show would fail if it introduced ethnic diversity into its casting because it wouldn’t be “english” enough…..that’s fine for those that need their escapism served up with a strong dose of racial purity but do we really want our young people to think that the aspirational ideal of Australian life in the suburbs is intended for only one particular ethnic group?

via Home and Away is ‘racist’: Actor Jay Laga’aia’s Twitter rant – Telegraph.