Three key gaps underlie the challenges we face in keeping our kids safe in cyberspace: a knowledge gap, a mentoring gap and an expert gap.

The knowledge gap: “It’s a new area, a new addition to our culture and we adults need to rapidly catch up.” Said Dr Ramesh Manocha, medico and researcher at Sydney Uni’s Dept of Psyhciatry.

The supervision and mentoring gap: The younger generation knows the field better than adults, which in turn leads to a mentoring gap. “We’ve got young people whose behaviour is not being regulated by adults and their behaviour relates to technology that is extremely powerful.”

The expert gap: The field is rapidly changing and at the same time  the experts are not necessarily located in universities, clinics or peak bodies, where most professionals are used to finding them. “We’ve got to find these experts that are hiding all over the country and bring them together in one forum and provide a nexus, a platform for information for professionals who look after young people to get up to speed.”

Our inaugural Kids in Cyberspace seminar has been designed specifically to address these key gaps to improve the cybersafety and enhance the cyberwellness of our young people. Read more at Kids in cyberspace – Education Review.

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