Modesty is no longer a virtue in contemporary society – in the news or in real life. Despite the risks of sharing intimate details online, internet and phone technology continues to feature strongly in women’s romantic relationships, according to a survey of 18-40 year old women in the USA. Is it any wonder that our young people are emulating this behaviour?

43% of all respondents admitted to “sexting” – sending a text message containing suggestive and highly explicit sexual language.

Though 65% of those women will “sext” only while in a serious relationship, 36% of casual daters polled admit to sending a risqué message after just a few dates.

27%  of all respondents had sent nude photos via emails or text messages.

via HARLEQUIN | Harlequin’s 2012 Romance Report Findings Indicate Romance + Technology = #ITSCOMPLICATED.

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