Nearly 40 years after their invention and a decade after exploding onto the mainstream, video games still remain a mystery to many parents, including which titles are appropriate, and their potential side-effects on kids. Now the answers are at your fingertips.

Offering unrivaled insight and practical, real-world strategies for making gaming a positive part of family life, The Modern Parent’s Guide to Kids and Video Games provides a vital resource for today’s parent. From picking the right software for all ages to promoting online safety, setting limits and enforcing house rules, it offers an indispensable range of hints, tips and how-to guides for fostering healthy play and development.

Built for a generation of parents and professionals whose children are surrounded by cutting-edge electronic games and apps at every turn, you’ll discover inside how to make play safe, fun and simple. Providing a complete look at the entire spectrum of games – including PC, console, online, free, social and mobile – and the issues they present, all the tools you need to take charge lie within.

Features Include:

  • Full Guides: PC, Console, Mobile, Online, Social Games
  • Using Parental Controls and Video Game Ratings
  • Hints, Tips and Strategies: Picking the Right Video Games
  • Top Concerns: Violence, Addiction, Health, Online Safety
  • Setting House Rules and Time Limits
  • Best Games for Kids, Teens and Tweens
  • Essential Tools and Resources for Parents

 Kids and Video Games Book: Free Online Download