AN OUTRAGED Port Macquarie mother has created a social media nightmare for discount department store Target after she used its Facebook page to call on the retail giant to sell girls’ clothing that doesn’t make them look like ”tramps”.

In an open post on the retailer’s Facebook page over the weekend, primary school teacher Ana Amini wrote: ”Dear Target, Could you possibly make a range of clothing for girls 7-14 years that doesn’t make them look like tramps … You have lost me as a customer when buying apparel for my daughter as I don’t want her thinking shorts up her backside are the norm or fashionable.”

When The Age went to print last night the post had attracted more than 44,000 ”likes” and 2300 comments – most of them from parents criticising the retailer for selling ”hooker-style” clothes to young girls.

via Storm over Target's 'trampy' fashion sense.