Germany’s top women’s magazine is considering abandoning its use of amateur models barely two years after banishing professional ones.

The fortnightly Brigitte, which has been providing German women with fashion and lifestyle tips since 1954, hit the headlines in 2009 when it said it would feature only ”real women”, part of a backlash against ultra-thin models.

However, the magazine is reported to have found working with amateur models a challenge and the move has done nothing to increase sales.

In 2009 the former editor-in-chief, Andreas Lebert, said he was fed up having to retouch photographs of ultra-thin models. ”For years we’ve had to use Photoshop to fatten the girls up,” he said. Readers have complained the women that now appear in Brigitte’s pages are just as skinny and pretty as the models previously used.


They also point to the fact that the magazine has continued to feature diet tips.


via German magazine tires of ‘real women’ models.