The Alcohol Marketing and Young People: Time for a new policy agenda report provides a comprehensive, contemporary overview of the methods, the tricks and the effects of alcohol marketing to young people.

“Alcohol marketing is a pervasive and dangerous presence in the lives of our young people,” Dr Hambleton said.

“Young people are starting to drink at an earlier age, and most drink in ways that put their health at risk.

“But the current voluntary industry-administered approach to marketing regulation has failed to stem the growth and impact of alcohol marketing in Australia.

“Our report examines the evidence base that links alcohol marketing to harmful drinking patterns among young people.

“We have surveyed the key features of contemporary alcohol marketing, reviewed the research literature on the effects of this marketing on young people, and concluded that there is a need for new and more robust policy responses.

“A key focus of the report is the growth and impact of digital marketing, including marketing through social networks such as Facebook, online video channels, interactive games, and mobile phone marketing.

“These forms of marketing often fly under the radar of regulators, policymakers, and the wider community, but have important implications for public policy and marketing regulations.

“Self-regulation by the alcohol industry has failed.  It is time for a proper inquiry into alcohol marketing and regulation, which exposes the failure of the current regime and proposes realistic and enforceable Government sanctions,” Dr Hambleton said.

via Alcohol Industry self-regulation has failed | Australian Medical Association.