World-Leading Meditation Research from Australia

Ramesh Manocha M.D.


Here at last we have a book about meditation suited for use in all schools, from preschool through to Year 12 and beyond. This easy to read book clearly identifies findings from 15 years of Dr Manocha’s research and practice as well as presenting a meta-analysis of current research about meditation. His credentials speak for themselves ⎯ MBBs BSc (Med) PhD. The book covers many topics suited for all of society but of particular interest is the substantial section on the use of meditation in schools.


He provides evidence of the stress epidemic sweeping the western world, particularly as it affects youth. Following his extensive and solid research he has established a Mental Silence Program for use in schools that is now operating throughout Australia.

Our school has been using the Mental Silence Program for the last two years with very positive results. Teachers have reported that children are more focused and calm following the programs. Many staff express how they also feel the same benefits. The program is simple and a website is provided for further support and ideas.


From the research we can see how it is possible to reduce teacher stress through students being more focused and calm. Staff also have opportunities to participate in and receive all the benefits of the Mental Stillness Program. In addition he shows that meditation is not only for reducing stress and improving mental and physical health but can unlock the potential for a more dynamic awareness and higher performance.


Although based on the practice of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, all spiritual correlations have been removed to make the Mental Silence Program completely secular and suitable for use in schools.


With this book and the accompanying website teachers can now use the program independently and incorporate mental stillness into any part of their day, even a short focusing to begin any lesson. This book and program could benefit every school: I highly recommend it.


Sue Nickson

Assistant Principal

State School, SA

Silence Your Mind is now available!

As a paperback from all good bookstores (as well as at Generation Next events) or from Australian online book-sellers such as booktopia, dymocks, angus&robertson, bookworld, the co-op bookshop, doubleday, boffins (in perth) and many others

As an eBook from and similar outlets anywhere in the world that you can get an internet connection

If you are outside of Australia and want to get the paperback, the best option is to order it directly from the author via the book’s website.