Alcohol brands have flocked to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, posting competitions, cocktail recipes and even TV advertisements.

The ads are bright, fun and at the fingertips of children.

Australian Medical Association president Steve Hambleton says it is out of control.

“Social media is a huge opportunity with a lot more power and it’s something that’s unregulated and uncontrolled,” he said.

Social media analyst Ross Dawson agrees.

“The alcohol companies are seeing social media as another way of getting to their consumers and they are actively embracing that,” he said.

Some social media sites have incorporated age filters to prevent underage users accessing the content, but Mr Dawson says they are not effective.

“In social media, as in other advertising, certainly underage people are being exposed to this,” he said.

“We can do more and we should do more to prevent minors being exposed to alcohol advertising.”

via Grog groups accused of targeting minors on social media – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).