It’s dreamy and slow; The Virgin Suicides if it were set against Sydney’s beaches. Unfortunately, this isn’t a promo shoot about wistful ingenues overcome by the suburban ennui of their own lives – if that’s what Roxy were going for, they’ve completely missed the mark.

In the promo, a faceless woman (rumoured to be five time world champion Stephanie Gilmore) stretches languidly across crisp white sheets in nothing b

ut a pair of frilly knickers. Rising, she pulls on a white shirt (also crisp), the outline of her body shadowed through its fabric. She makes her way to the shower, where we watch as drops of water flick off her tanned shoulders and elegant hands. A sun-soaked electronic summer anthem plays, its beat keeping time with the slowed down tempo of the film. Our protagonist, dressed now in denim shorts, carries her surfboard across the beach and through Roxy’s draped pink banners while we, the viewers, train our collective eye on her long legs and tight derriere. Stripping down to her bikini, we switch our gaze to her breasts, perhaps enjoying how pert they remain even as she waxes her board. Finally, she enters the water and begins to slowly paddle out. Our eyes follow behind, angled up her legs to the skimpy bikini bottoms.

via Roxy’s  advertisment.