The pornification of everything is a huge problem across our culture, and one that has only grown muckier and more entrenched with the spread of the internet on teenagers’ mobile phones. It’s a problem not confined to pop music – hello, fashion photography – but pop is where the tectonic plates of sex and commerce rub up against each other most vigorously. Most adult pop consumers ought to be able to roll their eyes at Miley Cyrus’s antics. But it is incredibly distressing that young girls’ idols are constantly teaching them that their willingness to “party” is a girl’s strongest suit: not their brains, or their sense of humour, or their own unique way with a key change. And as a feminist who is also a music critic, it depresses me deeply that female pop performers find it difficult to market their songs without licking mallets in the buff (as Cyrus does in the video for Wrecking Ball).

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