They’re supposed to keep a check on schoolyard bullying but many Australian school principals are victims of bullying themselves, according to a survey. Alamy

SYDNEY, Dec 3 – Nearly half of Australia’s school principals have faced threats of violence – and parents are the worst offenders, a principal safety and wellbeing survey released on Thursday shows.

It also reveals a third of school principals have experienced actual violence, mostly at the hands of their students.

It’s the fifth year the Australian Principal Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing Survey Report has been released, showing an escalation in offensive behaviour against them.

The survey found 42 per cent of principals had been threatened with violence, and 36 per cent bullied, with parents the perpetrator in a respective 41 and 42 per cent of cases.

Of actual assaults on principals, 77 per cent were by students.

But principals still rate workload and lack of time to focus on teaching and learning as the biggest contributors to workplace stress.

“Many of the results are not only of serious concern for the profession as a whole, but also the wider community,” report author Associate Professor Philip Riley said.

But despite the negatives, the report found job satisfaction among principals was significantly higher than the general population.

The report includes seven recommendations, including reducing job demands and increasing resources to deal with increasing workloads.


Source: Australian principals facing violence and bullying