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Rapid advancements in technology and the spread of its use are double-edged phenomena in our modern world. In fact, some studies suggest that there is an increase of stress and health problems relating to information overload in the use of communication and information technologies (ICT).

While many argue that digital technologies have impacted communication and productivity positively, for others this is debatable. More communication is not necessarily better communication or better productivity.

Negative psychological response

Some call this “techno-stress”, defined as a negative psychological response related to the use of digital technologies. According to researchers referencing this phenomenon, numerous and rapid changes in digital technologies may be making us feel forced to keep up to date with these changes, to multitask more effectively and carry out increasing amounts of work remotely.

In many cases people do not just do their work from their workplace. In fact, the concept of the workplace is itself a rapidly changing concept. It is no longer necessarily a reference to an office, a factory or a specific place. Many roles, especially ICT roles are carried out without any need to be in a specific geolocation.



Source: Do You Suffer From Techno-Stress? | Brain Blogger