The founder of a Facebook page which campaigned for companies to pull advertising from Alan Jones’ show says she believes businesses will stay away.

Jenna Price who set up the Facebook page Destroy the Joint welcomed the announcement by Macquarie Radio Network on Sunday that it was temporarily suspending all advertising on Alan Jones’ 2GB breakfast show.

The move follows a public backlash against comments made by Jones at a Sydney University Liberal Club fundraiser in which he said Prime Minster Julia Gillard’s father “died of shame”.

“We are thrilled with the reaction, but you can’t think that this is going to fix the problem,” she told AAP on Sunday.

“I’m not a person who wants to sack Alan Jones. I want to re-educate Alan Jones.”

Ms Price launched the Facebook page about a month ago, following comments by Jones suggesting some female leaders were “destroying the joint”.

The page is designed to reach out to thousands of followers who are “sick of the sexism” dished out to women in Australia.

After Jones comments about Ms Gillard’s father were made public, the page posted: “Want to destroy Alan’s joint? Here’s the emails for his sponsors – tell them what you think about their decision to help keep (him) on air”.

Following a week-long campaign, a post on Friday told its supporters more than 11,000 people had helped to lobby 74 companies into withdrawing their support from Jones’ show.

“We are ordinary people speaking back to the big guys who have never had anyone speak back to them before,” she said.

“It’s about making sure that people are treated well.”

During last weekend’s press conference, Jones said he was “very confident” advertisers understood his position on a lot of issues and it would be “business as usual”.

But Ms Price said: “I didn’t believe them (the comments) then, and I don’t believe them now.”

via Facebook campaign ‘thrilled’ at Jones news.