We have to be vigilant about who we bring into our children’s lives.  We have to be wary. But we also have to trust in others and in society to help us raise our children.  Once the checks and balances are made, the safety parameters are installed we need to make a leap of faith.

When my first child went off to a first camp I waved her away with a lump of pride in my throat.  I had faith in those I’d entrusted with her care. She came back exhausted, exhilarated, enriched and made more confident by being part of something bigger than herself.  A community.  A country. A world.

Let us punish those who abuse our trust.  Let us expose those who protect and harbour criminals.  Let us open up institutions to the light to learn how we can keep children safe. And let us learn from those who speak out about abuse.  Let us be cautious. But let’s always remember that our children need others to help them grow up and flourish.

via The people who help to raise your children.