My mother encountered a well-meaning PRIK who had deprived her daughter of vaccinations. Sure as eggs, the child contracted whooping cough and recovered normally due to herd immunity (their chances of getting sick was lessened due to the sense of responsibility of the immunized majority). When the parent was gently pressed over the fact that her actions could conceivably have killed a baby, even a partially immunized one with whom her child had come in contact, a response was not forthcoming as she was rudely interrupted by a spirit called Canathe (Can-ath-ay). It later turned out that a huge number of children at her kids’ school became afflicted with whooping cough, the end of year festivities had to be cancelled and most tragically, a child with a disability was robbed of his first big chance to perform on stage. There is a conspiracy here, but it’s not Zionists, Freemasons or NASA goblins – it’s called the cult of the individual.

via Purposeful Rejection of Immunization in Kids.