Below are some ways to tell if your teen may need mental health treatment.

Mood swings. How can you decipher a moody teen from a true set of mood swings that indicate mental illness? You know your child better than anyone else. Trust that you can recognize a shift in mood that is out of character for your son or daughter.

Behavioral changes. The same thing goes for your child’s behavior. Of course behavioral choices change as your teen gets older, but if your son or daughter is presenting as a different person to you, this may indicate a mental illness or substance abuse.

Consequences in school and among friends. A mental illness can distract from concentration, which can affect school performance and the ability to sustain relationships with peers.

Physical symptoms. Decreased energy, changes in eating and sleeping, frequent stomachaches, headaches, and backaches, and neglect of personal appearance and hygiene such as showering less often and not keeping up on grooming can be signs that mental health treatment is needed.

Self-medicating. If you find any indicators of drug or alcohol use, self-harm, an eating disorder, or other forms of escape, the link to mental illness may be direct. An effort to make oneself feel better can show a great need for mental health treatment.

via 5 Signs Your Teen Needs Mental Health Treatment | World of Psychology.