ImageOne of the great things about living in a profoundly risk averse society is that we are starting to treat mental health issues with the serious respect they deserve.

The downside to this chronic risk aversion is that the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) most recent text revision contains over 300 mental disorders, and frankly, the risk is now not so much that we aren’t taking mental health seriously enough, but that we are turning into diagnosis junkies – desperate for labels and reasons that compensate for and excuse behaviour, rather than explore its etiology and possible remedies.

Mental disorder labels aren’t like sticky name badge labels that you get when you attend a conference – they are more like tattoos. Once a mental disorder label is attached, it can become a fixed identity. Like laser surgery is used to remove tattoos, we can administer corrective therapy to erase an erroneous or expired diagnostic label, but the words will linger hauntingly – possibly forever.


Via Down with Diagnoses