Cheer up, and that heart attack may never happen

>>Cheer up, and that heart attack may never happen

Cheer up, and that heart attack may never happen

Whether you are a glass half-full or half-empty person is a matter of life or death, according to Harvard scientists who found that those with a sunny disposition are far less likely to suffer heart attacks or strokes.

Enjoying simple pleasures and having an optimistic outlook reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease by about half, regardless of factors such as diet, exercise and smoking, studies showed.

It is thought that a happy-go-lucky attitude makes people more resilient to stress and able to get plenty of rest.

Advertisement: Story continues below Experts said the findings suggested that doctors should consider mental well-being just as highly as physical condition when deciding whether someone is vulnerable to heart disease or strokes.

Previous studies have shown that stress and depression increase the chances of being unwell and harm the heart, but less was known about how positive emotions affect health.

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