Why is it that sporting clubs are working to reduce alcohol use and workplaces are developing alcohol management programs, however parents and teachers insist on drinking alcohol when they attend a function at their child’s school?

Comments received to date:

As the parent of two school children at a Catholic primary school I recently put to the board that we adopt a drug and alcohol policy that would ban alcohol at school events when children were present. …The suggestion was soundly defeated and one board member asked me “where does this come from?”

If we are looking at changing a culture of drinking, obviously we need to look at our kids. Primary schools are where we need to start campaigning for alcohol-free events and spaces.

Tonight we attended our first after-school event, which was a fun sports night. I was the only mum that helped with the sports events as all other mums and dads were busy drinking. Is it just me, or is this so wrong? Not one mum or dad came down to the kids to say great work or well done.

I have been told NOT to do anything about it by the school, or if I do, the few parents that do come to school events (that do drink) will not come.

The Australian Drug Foundation works with sporting clubs, through the Good Sports program, to develop responsible alcohol management programs. We also work with companies through our Workplace services ensuring that alcohol management strategies are implemented to avoid risks. CAAN (Community Alcohol Action Network) is keen to hear from others who see this as an issue and one that CAAN should lead for change.  Email CAAN with your comments: [email protected]