There are myriad reasons why sex has become so debased in society it has been almost rendered an ablution, going from something magical to mechanical, from a gift of love to subservient surrender. About now it’s my duty to raise my arm and declare ”mea culpa” because, as a magazine writer and editor who has commissioned and written innumerable ”how to satisfy him in bed” articles, I have most definitely contributed to the problem. And I’m not proud of it.

But it takes more than magazines to turn what should be a spiritual act into a routine release, a sexier version of a sneeze. I blame porn. I blame advertising. I blame Western religion. I blame the endemic rise of narcissism as the norm. I blame the near extinction of respect and romance in society. Sex sells may be a marketing truism, but the cost is often self-esteem, safety and sanity.

via Sex sells but we’re paying the price.