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The Power of Vulnerability for Student Wellbeing

Adolescence is a period of immense physical and emotional vulnerability. For most of us vulnerability has negative connotations – we see it as a weakness and something we should try to avoid. Vulnerability is defined as being easily hurt, influenced or attacked, so it makes sense that we try to avoid it at all costs! [...]

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‘It’s real to them, so adults should listen’: what children want you to know to help them feel safe

In recent months, we have been confronted by events that make the world seem unsafe. Among these are the horrific stories of child sexual abuse, the rise in Aboriginal youth suicide and the tragedy of mass killings at the hands of an Australian terrorist in Christchurch. Many of us feel anger, despair, hopelessness and grief [...]

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NSPCC Calls for Immediate Action on Children’s Online Safety

A children's charity has criticised the UK government for failing to implement proposals to make young people safer online - 10 years after they were made in a government-commissioned report. The NSPCC says 11 of the 38 proposals were ignored and seven were partially implemented - four are now out of date. It says a [...]

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Apple: New Parental Control is Coming

Earlier this week Jana Partners LLC and the California State Teachers' Retirement System, two Apple shareholder groups, posted an open letter to Apple asking for more and better parental controls for iPhone. "More than 10 years after the iPhone's release, it is a cliché to point out the ubiquity of Apple's devices among children and [...]

Practical Tips For Keeping Kids Safe On Social Media

When a new study surfaced a few weeks ago revealing that, of all the major social media networks, Instagram was the most detrimental to young people's mental health, it made alarmist news headlines around the world. But for Sydney-based online safety expert Leonie Smith, it was business as usual. "I've seen more porn, more drug [...]

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Have You Seen The Safe Schools Hub?

It’s widely accepted that it is a fundamental requirement for student to feel safe and supported at school. In order to help schools to address this, The National Safe Schools Framework was developed and furthermore the Safe Schools Hub is a really useful website that has been developed to support schools in with stage-appropriate advice [...]

Sex sells but we’re paying the price

There are myriad reasons why sex has become so debased in society it has been almost rendered an ablution, going from something magical to mechanical, from a gift of love to subservient surrender. About now it's my duty to raise my arm and declare ''mea culpa'' because, as a magazine writer and editor who has [...]

7 Internet Safety Tips to Help Parents Keep their Kids Safe Online

Like many parents with young children, I wondered how early and how often my young daughter should be on the computer. The advice experts’ offer was both surprising and reassuring. 1) It’s almost never too early. Although the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no computer usage before age two, by age three many children are [...]

Top 10 teenager tips: how to say 'no' and still look cool

When it comes to drinking and taking drugs many young people face both social and peer pressures. Their friends might encourage them to drink at parties while social pressures come in many forms. Social pressures can include advertising, seeing the lifestyles of celebrities, or being at a party and seeing people who are drinking or [...]

The hidden face of cyberspace friendships

For some time now experts have been warning about the dangers of social network sites and how some teenagers are being manipulated into situations they cannot handle by the people they are chatting to. Studies show that teenagers are often happy to provide their personal information to complete strangers. Many adolescents feel in control of [...]