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Student Wellbeing Program A Review

Generation Next ‘s first Student and Youth Wellbeing Program of 2019 was a huge success. The beautiful creative confines of the Casula Powerhouse Performing Arts Centre provided a backdrop for a day of wellbeing education. It wasn’t just the excellent students from local schools that got to participate, but also more than ten thousand teens [...]

How To Build Resilience In Schools

              Every year there appears to be another framework, resource or program on offer to assist schools with enhancing student wellbeing. Some are fantastic whilst others make claims that probably warrant further investigation. However, the Victorian Department of Education has released an excellent resource. Entitled Building Resilience: A Model [...]

Have You Seen The Safe Schools Hub?

It’s widely accepted that it is a fundamental requirement for student to feel safe and supported at school. In order to help schools to address this, The National Safe Schools Framework was developed and furthermore the Safe Schools Hub is a really useful website that has been developed to support schools in with stage-appropriate advice [...]

Who’s looking after the teachers?

I’ve written before about the importance of teacher wellbeing. Yes I know this is the Generation Next not the Generation Was Blog, but I think it is essential to appreciate that if we want our kids to flourish, then it is essential that the adults in their lives are doing likewise.   A great deal [...]

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