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Self-Care September Strategies

In 2019, headspace is promoting a number of ‘Self-Care September’ strategies and approaches for Australian school staff. These activities are aimed at strengthening wellbeing, resilience, engagement, connection, help seeking, and early access to support. Download the resource here>>

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Looking out for the Teachers Part II

Last week I wrote asking, Who’s Looking After the Teachers? and the response was astounding. By far, it received more comments than any other column I’ve written for Generation Next – which leads me to think it struck a chord. As well as the overwhelming majority of comments agreeing that staff wellbeing needed to be [...]

Who’s looking after the teachers?

I’ve written before about the importance of teacher wellbeing. Yes I know this is the Generation Next not the Generation Was Blog, but I think it is essential to appreciate that if we want our kids to flourish, then it is essential that the adults in their lives are doing likewise.   A great deal [...]

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