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Managing an Employee with Mental Health Issues – What You Need to Know

Sadly, mental illness affects a high proportion of the Australian population, with BeyondBlue reporting that 45% of the Australian population will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime. As employers, how do we deal with mental illness in our workforce? Furthermore, is it any of our business? Employees do not always disclose a mental illness [...]

3 Tips To Fire Up Your Brain

Flickr Images I don't know about you but my brain hurts. In three days last week I wrote 16,800 words, that's about 430 words an hour in case you're interested. But we've still got a month until Christmas and as everyone knows the last mile is the hardest. So here's an early Christmas [...]

How Clocks Could Be Harming Your Health, Happiness And Productivity

One researcher is arguing that workplace stress brought on by deadlines and time crunches -- and the resulting harm done to our health, happiness and productivity -- is exacerbated by an unlikely element: clocks. Running on "clock time," as opposed to a less time-focused way of managing our lives, fundamentally alters our worldview. - Carolyn Gregoire [...]

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Looking out for the Teachers Part II

Last week I wrote asking, Who’s Looking After the Teachers? and the response was astounding. By far, it received more comments than any other column I’ve written for Generation Next – which leads me to think it struck a chord. As well as the overwhelming majority of comments agreeing that staff wellbeing needed to be [...]

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