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5 Ways to Promote Mental Health in the Workplace with Technology

Mental illness can prove to be a silent destroyer of workplace productivity and employee happiness. US employers cough up between USD 79 and 105 billion annually to make up for the damage stemming from poor mental health and substance abuse . This can take the shape of reduced productivity, insurance spends and increased absences. In fact, mental illness is [...]

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Temptation Grows To Use Drugs To Stay Awake In The Workplace

The US military's drug of choice for helping people stay awake while working long hours is finding its way into the 24/7 workplace, researchers warn. Billable hours and the pressure to perform is tempting workers to risk their own health to gain a competitive edge. Leading psychiatrists and drug experts in the US and Australia [...]

Young Swear Off Booze As Middle-age Binge Drinking Grows

It's 4.30 on Friday afternoon and Nick Swifte​ is cracking open a beer with colleagues. By his own admission, the 45-year-old advertising executive is a "drinker of some renown". "I like getting drunk. I'm a big fan of it. Working as a media buyer there is booze everywhere. Any function you go to, every achievement, every win, [...]

Building Wellbeing in the Workplace What does it mean to be employed in a ‘healthy’ workplace? We know that the workplace is an important site for promoting mental health and wellbeing. It is also an environment that can build a culture of respect and collegial support which helps create security and positive regard. The wide range of research, seminars and publications available on leadership [...]

‘Horror Stories’: Think Twice before Telling Your Boss You Have Mental Health Issues

  Photo: Sydney Morning Herald Workers who tell bosses about their mental health issues are risking their careers, the head of national charity BeyondBlue has warned. BeyondBlue chief executive Georgie Harman said that openness about mental health issues could potentially help managers create the best environment to aid recovery. But workers should speak openly only [...]

How Clocks Could Be Harming Your Health, Happiness And Productivity

One researcher is arguing that workplace stress brought on by deadlines and time crunches -- and the resulting harm done to our health, happiness and productivity -- is exacerbated by an unlikely element: clocks. Running on "clock time," as opposed to a less time-focused way of managing our lives, fundamentally alters our worldview. - Carolyn Gregoire [...]

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Trying to Stay Positive

How positive are you? Dr Barbara Fredrickson has designed a simple questionnaire to answer that question! Take it at:     Go on… it only takes 2 mins. Then come back to me.   Done? OK.   Are you close to the recommended 3:1 Positivity Ratio required to flourish?   Does this surprise you? [...]

Gossip at work = “workplace violence”?

Dr Peter Vajda, a cognitive psychologist, sees gossip as a form of “workplace violence”. He reasons that people who gossip do so out of fear. They use gossip as a defense mechanism to protect themselves from divulging their true self. In other words, by attacking others, they don’t need to fess up to their own [...]

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