What Colleges Must Do To Promote Mental Health For Graduate Students

Sara did not expect much to come from her visit to the university’s counseling center, but she was concerned enough about the dark thoughts she’d been having that she decided to go anyway. As she sat in the waiting room after turning in the patient questionnaire, she thought: “It’s probably not a big deal. I’m [...]

For Mental Illness, Halloween Is Still A Costume Drama

There was a time when the most popular Halloween costumes were confined to the folk lore of vampire bats and ghosts. This was undoubtedly the popular culture at a time when "horror literature" was based on novels such as Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Bram Stoker's Dracula. Although much of this is still with us in the Trick of Treating of today, [...]

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Blame Culture Preventing Parents Accessing Mental Health Support For Children

Feelings that others are dismissive or blame parents commonly cited as reasons for not accessing help for children and young people with mental health concerns.  "Cumbersome" mental health services with long waiting times and difficulties getting a referral also cited. Parents feeling blamed for their child's mental health difficulties has been cited as a common [...]

To Be Ill Is Human: Normalising Illness Would Make Coping Easier

Why are we so shocked when we, or someone we know, becomes ill? Why are many people scared of illness and unable to support their loved ones when illness strikes? And why do so many people still think “it won’t happen to me”? These questions strike at the heart of our relationship between sickness and [...]

Does More Mental Health Treatment And Less Stigma Produce Better Mental Health?

Mental health problems continue to carry a heavy stigma. People who experience them are often feared, excluded, shamed and discriminated against. Overcoming that stigma is a high priority, not least because it’s a barrier to engaging people in treatments that might help them. People suffering from mental health problems are not the only ones to [...]

Gus Worland’s New TV Show Man Up Tackles Taboo Subject of Male Suicide

Picture: Annika Enderborg Media personality Gus Worland has revealed the very personal story of a mate’s suicide on the ABC series Man Up. Worland’s friend, Angus Roberts, killed himself on the day of his son’s final HSC exam — a planned suicide that no one saw coming. The father-of-three said Aussie men have [...]

‘We’ve Had As Much Awareness As We Can Take’: Fighting Symptoms Of Mental Illness Not Just Stigma

Getty Images I’m so tired of mental health stigma. It’s everywhere these days. The Mental Health Foundation of Australia wants us to fight stigma. SANE Australia wants us to “say no” to stigma. Beyond Blue would like us to not only reduce stigma, but increase wisdom. And across the internet, untold legions of [...]

Why We Need To Talk About Anxiety & ‘High-functioning Depression’

Pixabay Images I remember sitting down with my friend at the beginning of 2016, opening up to her about my depression and anxiety. It scared me because I didn’t know where it came from, why I had it, and when it would go away. But as I sat with my friend, opening up about [...]

Mental Illness Awareness: 6 Myths About Mental Illness You Need To Unlearn

Pixabay Images Conversations about mental health are still "hush" as we debate what constitutes a healthy mind. This often leads to preconceived notions of mental illness, and the stigmatization of sufferers. MYTH #1: MENTAL ILLNESS IS A SIGN OF WEAKNESS. Fact: People who are afflicted with mental illness are not weak. Rather, an [...]

This Is What I Live With: How Anxiety Affects The Everyday Life of 1 In 4 Australians

Flikr Images For some it starts with chest pains and a shortage of breath. For others, worried thoughts and images repeatedly flood the brain. The symptoms of anxiety are profound and diverse but they each have a common theme -- the ability to interfere and stop a person from living a normal life. [...]