Depression Not a Single Disease

A group of researchers say depression would be better treated if it was classified into 12 different disorders. There are calls for a major overhaul of the way depression is diagnosed and treated to better recognise its triggers. A group of international psychologists have challenged the classification of 'major depression' and argue it would be [...]

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The A-Z of Common Illnesses in School Children

Why do children get sick so often?  Bacteria and viruses are two distinct causes for infections in children.  Often a child will get a viral cold and then later on develop a secondary infection with bacteria which then turns into a condition such as a chest infection. It seems bacteria tend to infiltrate a body [...]

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To Be Ill Is Human: Normalising Illness Would Make Coping Easier

Why are we so shocked when we, or someone we know, becomes ill? Why are many people scared of illness and unable to support their loved ones when illness strikes? And why do so many people still think “it won’t happen to me”? These questions strike at the heart of our relationship between sickness and [...]

This Doctor Pioneered A Way To Treat Stress In Children, A Startling Source Of Future Disease

Pixabay Images Soon after Nadine Burke Harris opened a pediatrics clinic in a low-income neighborhood in San Francisco, she began grappling with the high rates of asthma and other illnesses that she was diagnosing in her patients. She wanted to understand why so many of the kids she saw were so sick. “They [...]

Physical Health Neglected In Mentally Ill Young People

Pixabay Images It took two-and-a-half years of intense joint pain for Maddison O'Gradey Lee for doctors to take the teenager's concerns seriously. The pain was "agony", Ms O'Gradey Lee, 18, said. Her doctors said it was a byproduct of her anxiety disorder. "One doctor actually said, 'It's all in your head'," she said. Convinced she had fabricated her affliction, [...]

Researchers Connect Sleep Loss to Higher Rates of Illness, Credit: Vera Kratochvil/public domain Scientists have long associated sufficient sleep with good health. Now they've confirmed it. - Carnegie Mellon University Source: Short sleepers are four times more likely to catch a cold: Researchers connect sleep loss to higher rates of illness

Girl Mag Watch April 2013

Excellent advice on helping a friend with an eating disorder and dealing with stalking When I speak in schools, I’m often asked for advice on how to help a friend with an eating disorder (and not just girls - a male student ask me in a school in regional NSW recently). So I was really [...]