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5 Science-backed Strategies To Build Resilience

Flickr Images Even for the relatively self-aware and emotionally adept, struggles can take us by surprise. But learning healthy ways to move through adversity—a collection of skills that researchers call resilience—can help us cope better and recover more quickly, or at least start heading in that direction. 1. Change the narrative When something [...]

This Doctor Pioneered A Way To Treat Stress In Children, A Startling Source Of Future Disease

Pixabay Images Soon after Nadine Burke Harris opened a pediatrics clinic in a low-income neighborhood in San Francisco, she began grappling with the high rates of asthma and other illnesses that she was diagnosing in her patients. She wanted to understand why so many of the kids she saw were so sick. “They [...]

Resilience: The Magic Bullet

canstockphoto Resilience is the magic bullet that everyone wants to acquire – teachers want to help their children become resilient, politicians want to transform the country to make us resilient, corporates want their staff to be the best they can against all odds. Above all, parents want their children to be resilient and they, themselves, want to be resilient as they cope with the [...]