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The Many Benefits For Teenagers to Have Jobs

If your teenager heads back to school next year, you might be already thinking about what after-school activities they’re going to do. Footy? Netball? Soccer? Recent research shows that another option — adolescent work experience — can pay big dividends later in life. Many schools and parents push children to engage in excessive after-school activities. [...]

Unwrapping The Cotton Wool Kids

Flickr Images When I went to school a few decades ago, myself and my classmates certainly looked different to children the same age today. I don't only mean the unfashionable haircuts or the width of flare on our trousers, but rougher looking. Grubbier, with dirt under our fingernails and probably with more bruises, [...]

Resilience: The Magic Bullet

canstockphoto Resilience is the magic bullet that everyone wants to acquire – teachers want to help their children become resilient, politicians want to transform the country to make us resilient, corporates want their staff to be the best they can against all odds. Above all, parents want their children to be resilient and they, themselves, want to be resilient as they cope with the [...]

Helping Kids Deal with ‘Test Stress’

Many children find doing tests stressful and experience negative impacts on their wellbeing. Tests lead children to suffer from: lost sleep, absenteeism, stress, fear of failure. Encouraging children with these 7 Steps to Success for Tests can be a great opportunity to teach valuable resiliency skills that can be applied to all areas of life! Understand The Power Of Thinking. Teaching children to understand the difference between helpful and unhelpful thinking (e.g. “I [...]

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Why Is Empathy An Essential Skill?

Since I’ve become a mother I have received all kinds of advice about what my daughters should learn in order to be successful. Computer programming. English. Chess. Ballet. Chinese. Math. Team sports. Music. Martial arts. I’m pregnant with my third daughter; I’m already in my seventh month, with a visible belly. Every day, when I [...]

Australian Students Lack Skills To Cope With Life’s Problems

More than half of Australian students lack the skills to deal with life's difficulties, a survey has found, with many citing depression, stress and a lack of confidence. The study of more than 16,000 students in years 4 through to 12 by Resilient Youth Australia, a not-for-profit organisation promoting the mental health of young people, [...]

From learning in infancy to planning ahead in adulthood: Sleep’s vital role for memory

Babies and young children make giant developmental leaps all of the time. Sometimes, it seems, even overnight they figure out how to recognize certain shapes or what the word "no" means no matter who says it. It turns out that making those leaps could be a nap away: New research finds that infants who nap [...]

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