Why Bullied Children Are Reluctant To Seek Help From Teachers

In Australia, approximately one student in five is bullied at school every few weeks or more often. Many of these students suffer serious emotional and psychological harm, such as persistent anxiety, depression and suicidal thinking, and are unable to concentrate on their school work. It is clear they need help. Teachers routinely inform students that [...]

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Seeing The Benefits Of Failure Shapes Kids’ Beliefs About Intelligence

iStockphoto Parents' beliefs about whether failure is a good or a bad thing guide how their children think about their own intelligence, according to new research from Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. The research indicates that it's parents' responses to failure, and not their beliefs about intelligence, that are [...]

Scientists Just Published A List Of The 50 Most Incorrectly Used Terms In Psychology

Stock Images Words are hard to get right, particularly in science. Not only do the same words mean entirely different things whether you’re using them in regular conversation or in a  scientific context (hello, "theory"), but the more we use certain words and phrases, the faster they can lose their original meaning, or [...]

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4 Sentences To Use To Cope With Parent Guilt

Shutterstock This past week we've discovered that one of my kids has been living with a significant hearing impairment for some time. I, being the attentive, in tune and observant mother that I am - had no flipping idea. I only took him to the appointment because his Dad was concerned, and the kids [...]

Resilience: The Magic Bullet

canstockphoto Resilience is the magic bullet that everyone wants to acquire – teachers want to help their children become resilient, politicians want to transform the country to make us resilient, corporates want their staff to be the best they can against all odds. Above all, parents want their children to be resilient and they, themselves, want to be resilient as they cope with the [...]

5 Steps for Supporting Strengths in Students

flickr One of the most exciting research findings from positive psychology is the amazing wellbeing boosts that can be achieved when we harness our own strengths, and the strengths of our children or students. It seems that when we know what our strengths are - or  when our children and students can identify [...]

Science of Stress: How Neuroscience Can Help Teachers Switch Off this Summer

www.someecards.com Weeks into the summer holiday, many teachers are still experiencing the stressful fallout of last term. For some, this is the exhaustion of burnout. For others, worries about the upcoming school year are already on the horizon. But there are simple steps you can take to build a positive mindset, strengthen your [...]

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The Anxiety Epidemic: Why Are UK Children So Unhappy? 

www.bbc.co.uk, SPL Teachers are to take the extraordinary step of calling for an independent Royal Commission to investigate why so many of Britain's children are unhappy. The unprecedented move by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers follows a welter of evidence highlighting the fragile states of mind of many of the country's seven [...]

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Formal After-Parties – The Online Fallout

I’m regularly asked about my views and concerns of school formal after-parties, particularly those where every aspect of the after-party is outsourced to a private company. I want to share with you an emerging concern for some of these parties that is particularly of interest to schools, parents and teachers. In some cases, a private company contracts a photographer and videographer as part of the after-party package. The video footage and photos are then uploaded on the company’s social [...]

Obesity and Body Image by Prof Susan Sawyer

Professor Susan Sawyer spoke at the 2015 Melbourne Mental Health and Wellbeing of Young People seminar. Her presentation on Obesity and Body Image was acclaimed by hundreds of teachers, counsellors and social workers who attended the seminar. Her talk was recorded and can be viewed below.