How Parents Can Build Learning Strengths

- Andrew Fuller Every child’s brain is as unique as their fingerprint. This gives them their own pattern of learning strengths. When parents and children know this pattern they can more powerfully engage in learning and discover pathways to success. Parents don’t need to be teachers or experts in brain functions. Learning strengths increase parents [...]

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Australian Students Lack Skills To Cope With Life’s Problems

More than half of Australian students lack the skills to deal with life's difficulties, a survey has found, with many citing depression, stress and a lack of confidence. The study of more than 16,000 students in years 4 through to 12 by Resilient Youth Australia, a not-for-profit organisation promoting the mental health of young people, [...]

4 foundation stones to building positive thinking and resilience

Is your cup half empty or half full? Experts say that it is not so much what happens to us but what we think about what happens to us that determines how we feel. This is important when teaching children resilience and how to handle life’s challenges. Andrew Fuller is a clinical psychologist and Generation [...]

10 strategies to help kids develop resilience

Resilience is the ability to ‘bounce back’ from life’s difficulties. For many young people it is vital to help them develop resilience strategies that promote well-being and develop coping mechanisms. Many resilient teenagers are seen as resourceful and are emotionally and mentally balanced. Andrew Fuller is a clinical psychologist and chairperson of the Mental Health [...]

A green hour a day keeps the doctor away

The great outdoors used to be the playground and learning place for many children.  However, with the introduction of new technologies and changing lifestyles, children are spending more and more time sitting still and interacting with a screen rather than with nature. Gone are the long hours of unstructured play mucking around in the backyard or [...]

The key to children succeeding is to teach them empathy

In a ‘me’ world where the media is constantly telling young people that they can be anything they want to be, or have anything they want to have, it is difficult for parents to teach a sense of ‘other’ to their children. In an effort to teach self esteem we have inadvertently installed a need [...]

Teach your child to handle bullies in the schoolyard and online

20% of children are bullied at school 20% of teens do things online they later regret Clinical Psychologist and Generation Next speaker, Andrew Fuller says school yard arguments have become more intense and that cyber bullying has become more vindictive during the last few years. “There has been a change in bullying from mild schoolyard disputes [...]

Net Savvy: The Resilience Foundation

The Resilience Foundation October is Anxiety and Depression Awareness month. Raising our resilience has become a recognised way of helping to combat the many issues which are associated with anxiety and depression. The Resilience Foundation is a not for profit organisation to create wellbeing in young people, their families and their communities. Clinical psychologist and [...]