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Is Your Child Addicted to Video Games?

The world health organization added gaming disorder to its list of mental health issues just this year. How often do your kids play video games? Some moms admit, the games can be like a babysitter -- keeping kids busy. But does your child play more than an hour a day? There is a new concern [...]

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Video Game Addiction Concerns Mental Health Experts

Lisa Pont, a social worker at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, has heard plenty of skepticism about video game addiction and whether it’s truly a medical condition that should be classified as a disease, as the World Health Organization plans to officially do in a couple of months. “Some people think it trivializes other [...]

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Violent Media and Aggressive Behavior in Children

Does watching violence on TV, in movies, or video games promote aggression? With recent worry about mass shootings and gun violence in the United States, one of the questions that always comes up is whether violent media promotes violent or aggressive behavior. This is something that is especially important to think about for parents, as violent [...]

Stress and the brain, Assoc Prof Mike Nagel

Interview with Assoc Prof Mike Nagel, University of Sunshine Coast, (6 min's) followed by evidence based guided meditation (5 min's) with Mrs Priya Rapyal, Mental Stillness Programme. The guided meditation is suitable for children and adults.    

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