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Here’s How To Tell If Your Child Might Be Addicted To Gaming

A mum has urged the NHS to diagnose her 15-year-old son with gaming addiction, as she says he has become so consumed by online games that he has not been to school for a year. Kendall Palmer, from north London, told The Telegraph she has fought for three years to have her son’s condition recognised [...]

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Video Game Addiction Concerns Mental Health Experts

Lisa Pont, a social worker at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, has heard plenty of skepticism about video game addiction and whether it’s truly a medical condition that should be classified as a disease, as the World Health Organization plans to officially do in a couple of months. “Some people think it trivializes other [...]

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Addicted to Selfies

Danny Bowman, 23, was obsessed with uploading selfies on social media when he was a teenager. "I wanted to fit in and I thought the best way to do that was to be good looking," he says. He would take selfies and analyse them for flaws - which he says he always found - and [...]

What it’s like to suffer from body dysmorphic disorder

Sufferers become obsessed by perceived - but in reality almost non-existent - flaws in their appearance. A specific area usually becomes the target - their nose, hair, or weight. Dieting, weight lifting, excessive exercise, tanning, measuring, camouflaging techniques, and agoraphobia are just some of the cruel behaviours associated with the disorder as sufferers try to [...]

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