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How Effective Are Your Student Wellbeing Strategies?

The Education Partners What is social and emotional wellbeing? Social and emotional wellbeing is about happiness and life satisfaction. It is about positive feelings, character strengths, engagement, relationships, meaningful activity and accomplishment. Promoting the social and emotional wellbeing of students is important to ensure that all young people are supported to live happy and fulfilling lives. Additionally, research has [...]

I Think A Bullet Might Hurt A Little Bit Less Than This Loneliness: The Instagram Fad Normalising Suicidal Yearnings As Fashionable

Instagram Suicide-themed captions crafted by girls are attracting hundreds of teen and tween girls. However there are almost no responses encouraging the distressed and possibly at-risk girl to call ‘000’, a kids’ help hotline or even asking ‘RUOK?’ Instead, adoring fans applaud with ‘likes’, approving comments and a shower of emoticon hearts before [...]

5 Messages We Need To Give Young People About Ecstasy Ecstasy continues to be a popular drug in Australia. Although recent use (use in the past year) has decreased since 2007, those reporting ever having tried the drug has continued to rise to almost 11% of the Australian population aged 14 years and over. The number of school-based young people who reported recent use of the drug had remained fairly steady for [...]

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Supporting Children And Young People Through Parental Separation And Divorce

Getty Images In Australia nearly one in two marriages end in separation and divorce. This directly impacts many children in our schools and adults in our workplaces, parishes and social networks, and quite possibly our own family too. Coping with the family changes that result can be challenging for children and their parents, [...]

Are Electronic Cigarettes A Gateway To Adolescent Smoking?

Photograph: Rex Adolescents are experimenting with electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and there is speculation that this might lead some young people who would not otherwise have smoked cigarettes to progress to smoking (the gateway effect). However, after ten years of experience in other countries where e-cigarettes are widely available, there is no evidence that this is happening. In fact, the opposite may be true, that e-cigarettes are actually diverting adolescents away from [...]

Book Scheme To Help Teenagers With Mental Health Issues

Eight of the books on the Reading Well for Young People scheme A scheme to support young people with mental health issues by providing free expert books was launched today. The scheme will provide 13-18 year-olds with high-quality information, support and advice on a wide-range of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, eating [...]

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Is This The Cause Of Most People’s Unhappiness?

Shutterstock In the study, teachers were told that certain random students were exceptionally bright and likely to "realise their potential" in the end-of-year tests."What the teachers didn't know is that students were placed on these lists completely at random," the study's authors wrote. "There was no difference between these students and other students."The results [...]

‘Trivialising’ Responses Causing Youth Who Self-harm To Turn Backs On Medical Help

PHOTO: Nicole Juniper, a 19-year-old university student from Melbourne, began self-harming when she was 14. (ABC: Norman Hermant) Negative and damaging responses from front-line medical staff are a major reason why Australian youth self-harm rates are at "unacceptable" levels, researchers say. Key points: Orygen finds young people who self-harm still subject to stigma [...]

How Technology Can Improve Your Mental Health

Hd Wallpapers - Technology "How do you feel today?” It’s a common question, and for some people an answer rolls off the tongue automatically – perhaps something non-committal and socially appropriate, like “I’m fine” or, “Okay”. In fact, this happens so often that I’ve gotten into the habit of asking again, which is [...]

Concerns of Young People Today

Mission Australia Each year we encourage Australians aged 15-19 to ‘speak up’ about the issues that really concern them through Australia’s largest online youth survey. In 2015 we had nearly 19,000 respondents. We strive for an accurate representation of our nation’s youth. Among those who take part are young people who are in [...]