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Disabled Teens Suffering the Mental Health Effects of Bullying

Almost half of the poorer mental health we see in teenagers with a disability is due to bullying, our new research shows. If we could stop the high levels of bullying that adolescents with a disability experience, we could make a big difference to their health, learning and wellbeing. So school anti-bullying programs need to [...]

‘Selfie Culture’ Puts Young Women At Highest ‘Mental Health Risk’

Pixabay Images Soaring numbers of young women are suffering mental health problems and self-harm as a “selfie culture” heaps pressures on girls, new research suggests. More than one quarter of women aged between 16 and 24 are suffering from symptoms of common mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression, according to a [...]

Are Electronic Cigarettes A Gateway To Adolescent Smoking?

Adolescents are experimenting with electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and there is speculation that this might lead some young people who would not otherwise have smoked cigarettes to progress to smoking (the gateway effect). However, after ten years of experience in other countries where e-cigarettes are widely available, there is no evidence that this is happening. In [...]

‘Trivialising’ Responses Causing Youth Who Self-harm To Turn Backs On Medical Help

PHOTO: Nicole Juniper, a 19-year-old university student from Melbourne, began self-harming when she was 14. (ABC: Norman Hermant) Negative and damaging responses from front-line medical staff are a major reason why Australian youth self-harm rates are at "unacceptable" levels, researchers say. Key points: Orygen finds young people who self-harm still subject to stigma [...]

Why Is Impulsive Aggression In Children So Difficult To Treat?

iStock Photo Maladaptive and impulsive aggression is explosive, triggered by routine environmental cues, and intended to harm another person, making it a significant challenge for clinicians, family members, and others who interact with affected children and adolescents. Efforts to develop effective treatments would benefit from better descriptive and quantitative methods to characterize this [...]

What is Stressing Our Kids? Young Australians in Their Own Words

VIDEO: Boys on world affairs (ABC News) Young Australians are rarely heard talking frankly about their place in the world, the responsibility they feel to tackle the world's problems, the peer group pressures they face if they want to be popular, the demands to succeed at school and get a good job, and [...]

Exclusion More Harmful to Teens than Overt Bullying A UQ researcher has found that social exclusion among teens can be more harmful than direct bullying. UQ's Hannah Thomas led the research, which showed that teens find exclusion more harmful than better known forms of bullying like teasing and rumour-spreading. Ms Thomas's study – a survey of 10,273 Victorian high school students in [...]

Why Screen Time before Bed Is Bad for Children

Limiting screen time before bedtime is beneficial for sleep. shutterstock Sleep is an essential part of our development and wellbeing. It is important for learning and memory, emotions and behaviours, and our health more generally. Yet the total amount of sleep that children and adolescents are getting is continuing to decrease. Why? - [...]

Need to Interrupt Cycle of Family Violence – Report

Instant jail terms, or flash incarceration, for perpetrators who do not comply with court orders is one of a range of recommendations to break the cycle of family violence outlined in a major new RMIT University report. Australian of the Year and anti-domestic violence campaigner Rosie Batty launched the report in Melbourne today. The RMIT [...]

Do Sleepy Teens Need Later School Start Times?

If you thought trying to get a groggy teenager out of bed in time for school each morning was your own private struggle, you thought wrong. The American Academy of Pediatrics declared the chronic sleepiness of our nation's teenagers a public health issue in a policy statement Monday. And to help fix the problem, the [...]

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