E-cigarette Use Among Youth Leads To Smoking As Adults Finds Study

E-cigarettes and vaping is considered to be a harmless version of the real thing with many manufacturers selling them to the youth. There are candy and a host of other flavoured e-cigarettes that are being sold to the youth. A new study from the University of Pittsburgh has found that use of these among the [...]

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More Than Half Of Australian Infants Have Risk Factors For Adult Mental Illness

A study on mental health published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry reveals that one in 10 infants were born to mothers who consumed alcohol daily and two-thirds of children aged 12–13 years had parents who displayed low warmth or exhibited high hostility or anger. Photograph: Alamy More than half [...]

Men and Women with Autism Have ‘Extreme Male’ Scores on ‘Eyes Test’ of Mindreading

www.doanhnhancuoituan.com.vn Scientists at the University of Cambridge University have published new results in the journal PLoS ONE from the largest ever study of people with autism taking the 'Reading the Mind in the Eyes' test. Whilst typical adults showed the predicted and now well-established sex difference on this test, with women on average [...]

Managing Life Transitions

Many transitions, large and small, occur at the beginning of the calendar year in Australia. Children start primary school for the first time and young people may start high school, their senior secondary years, or further study. Family relocations due to work or study may take place over the long summer break, and new jobs [...]

Need to Interrupt Cycle of Family Violence – Report

Instant jail terms, or flash incarceration, for perpetrators who do not comply with court orders is one of a range of recommendations to break the cycle of family violence outlined in a major new RMIT University report. Australian of the Year and anti-domestic violence campaigner Rosie Batty launched the report in Melbourne today. The RMIT [...]

How To Talk To Teens Who Don’t Want To Talk

Do you have a teenager who isn’t interested in talking with you? Do you get monosyllable answers to your questions? If so, you – and they – are normal. But don’t give up trying to have a good quality conversation with your teen. Teens don’t have to be having long, deep and meaningful conversations with [...]

Five Tips to Help Raise Kind kids

According to a new study about 80 per cent of the youth said their parents were more concerned with their achievement or happiness than whether they cared for others. The interviewees were also three times more likely to agree that "My parents are prouder if I get good grades in my classes than if I'm [...]

The Rise of All-Purpose Antidepressants

Antidepressant use among Americans is skyrocketing. Adults in the U.S. consumed four times more antidepressants in the late 2000s than they did in the early 1990s. As the third most frequently taken medication in the U.S., researchers estimate that 8 to 10 percent of the population is taking an antidepressant. But this spike does not [...]

Decreased ability to identify odors may predict five-year mortality

For older adults, being unable to identify scents is a strong predictor of death within five years, according to a study published October 1, 2014, in the journal PLOS ONE. Thirty-nine percent of study subjects who failed a simple smelling test died during that period, compared to 19 percent of those with moderate smell loss [...]

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