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What we don’t understand about young people’s motivations

Young people are demanding change. In the last few days, young Indigenous activists and their supporters blocked parliamentarians in Victoria, B.C., from accessing the provincial legislature and led waves of protest across the country. For some young people, climate change is urgent. For others, gun violence is a crisis. From truth and reconciliation to inclusion [...]

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Women of Influence 2018: Young Leaders Determined to Change the World

There is something inspiring about young people and their belief in their power to change the world. Where older people talk about changing workplaces or, at a stretch, governments, their younger counterparts have their sights on a much bigger picture. "As a young female leader, I am motivated by service to my community and service [...]

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5 Key Points to Help You Change Your Life

Often the changes in your life come from your basic need requirements; you may need to change where you live, your job, and/or your life circumstances to ensure your continued survival. Those basic changes will inevitably necessitate many other changes in order to completely carry you into your new situation. On the other hand, the [...]

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How Do You Raise Resilient Kids?

Resilience is one of those buzzwords that was dropped in the lap of parents and educators a few years ago and has sat there since like a puppy – squirming, whining and demanding our attention. It’s adorable and you’d definitely like to keep it, but hold it too tightly and it will jump right out [...]

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Managing Life Transitions

Many transitions, large and small, occur at the beginning of the calendar year in Australia. Children start primary school for the first time and young people may start high school, their senior secondary years, or further study. Family relocations due to work or study may take place over the long summer break, and new jobs [...]

7 Ways to Change Your Attitude When You Can’t Change Anything Else

Change your perception, belief or opinion about your circumstances. Doing so will help you change your attitude and ultimately allow you to grow beyond the struggles you can’t control. Sometimes changing your circumstances isn’t possible – or simply not possible soon enough. You can’t get to a new job in an instant. You can’t make [...]

10 Ways to Build Resilience

gettyimages Many people react to life’s challenging experiences with strong emotions and a sense of uncertainty. Yet people generally adapt well over time to changing situations and stressful conditions. Resilience is the process of learning to ‘bounce back’ from adversity, trauma, tragedy and other significant sources of stress. Resilience is not a trait [...]

Positive Sex Education Vs Online Porn!

Who is teaching young people about sex and relationships in the digital era?   Issue Today, pornography’s influence is everywhere.  Porn influences mainstream advertising, music videos, fashion and popular culture.  Australian children are growing up in a digital world dominated by sexualised imagery that reinforces inequity and the notion that women are objects to be controlled, managed and dominated.             Use of pornography in [...]

5 things you can do to enhance your wellbeing over summer

All this year I’ve focused on student wellbeing. But for the next 5-6 weeks it’s all about you. Make sure you take the time to recharge your battery over the summer by doing these 5 things.   Connect with your family and friends. Take time to nurture your relationships, as often those closest to you [...]

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