When Anxiety Is Not In Your Head But In Your Body

It is the most common mental health condition in Australia and when you're in the grip of it, anxiety can seem unmanageable. But its bark is often worse than its bite and simple changes can go a long way in taming the beast. Our diet is one, often overlooked way, understandably perhaps because we tend [...]

Beyond McMindfulness

shutterstock Suddenly mindfulness meditation has become mainstream, making its way into schools, corporations, prisons, and government agencies including the U.S. military. Millions of people are receiving tangible benefits from their mindfulness practice: less stress, better concentration, perhaps a little more empathy. Needless to say, this is an important development to be welcomed — [...]

Eating Disorders: The Role Of Family And Friends

Family and friends play a crucial role in the care, support and recovery of someone with an eating disorder. The effects of an eating disorder are often felt not only by the person experiencing it, but also their family and support network. Carers may face considerable personal strain through feelings of confusion, distress, guilt, exhaustion and anxiety. For this reason, it is important that carers look after their own wellbeing whilst [...]

The Problem With Our Drinking Culture Is There’s No Culture

It’s a simple but beautiful dream: a fine Burgundy with lunch, a few post-work Belgian beers, some rosé with dinner, then maybe a dram of peaty Scotch to end the night. But while a European lifestyle may appear more elegant than another game of ‘Edward Scrumpy Hands’, drinking in this way isn’t necessarily healthier.“It’s wrong [...]

Is This The Cause Of Most People’s Unhappiness?

Shutterstock In the study, teachers were told that certain random students were exceptionally bright and likely to "realise their potential" in the end-of-year tests."What the teachers didn't know is that students were placed on these lists completely at random," the study's authors wrote. "There was no difference between these students and other students."The results [...]

Studies Show Owning A Cat Can Lead To Severe Mental Illness Later In Life

Results of a new study has cat lovers defending their feline friends. Though most cats love to cuddle and can serve as a nurturing companion for years, a third study now shows that people who come in contact with litter boxes may later develop sudden rage, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia.  - Heather Holeman Source: Studies show owning [...]

Emma Murphy Shares Shocking Video With Facebook Followers

Emma Murphy said she thought long and hard before posting the video of herself with a black eye. Photo: Facebook She is usually posting images of her healthy tuna salad or morning workouts. But health and fitness blogger Emma Murphy had something more important to share with her Facebook followers on Tuesday. The [...]

Study Of 1,000 38-year-olds Shows ‘Biological Age’ Ranges From 30 To 60

Members of the first graduation class of Tuscarora High School toss their mortar boards into the air after the completion of the commencement ceremony held in the school's gym Tuesday, June 12, 2012, in Leesburg, Va. How will they age in 20 years? (Katherine Frey/The Washington Post) A team of researchers led by Duke [...]

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Pokie Nation: Australia’s ‘Electronic Morphine’

Recovering pokie machine addict Sharon Hollamby. ABC: Ka-Ching! Pokie Nation Science backs up Ms Hollamby's feeling of being "hypnotised" or "hijacked" by pokie machines. Like Pavlov's dog, who learned to salivate at the sound of a bell, pokie machine players learn to associate reward with the sound of the machines, gambling researcher Dr [...]

What Do We Do Now That Suicide Rates Among Young Women Are On The Rise?

The rate of suicide in women aged 15-24 has jumped by 50 per cent to 6.3 per 100,000, new figures have found. Photo: Stocksy Jack Heath remembers her this way: a single mum on a disability pension. She had two darling teenage daughters, and she tried to do some extra work because that's what [...]