How Do You Talk To Kids About Racism?

Google Images Issues related to racism and racial discrimination feature in our news and social media feeds with alarming regularity. This year more and more stories have emerged around “black face”, hotly contested debates about cartoons, free speech and who gets to decide who and what is and isn’t racist. Once again, Section [...]

Beware Your Biased Brains

Flickr Images Our brain can move very fast, and that can be a real problem. The tendency to make split-second assessments of people can lead to disastrous outcomes. A growing body of research is showing that what we see when we see a face is so strongly shaped by stereotypes, beliefs, and attitudes [...]

Is This The Cause Of Most People’s Unhappiness?

Shutterstock In the study, teachers were told that certain random students were exceptionally bright and likely to "realise their potential" in the end-of-year tests."What the teachers didn't know is that students were placed on these lists completely at random," the study's authors wrote. "There was no difference between these students and other students."The results [...]

Hot boys and recycling gender stereotypes

Girlfriend’s November issue is about boys. Sort of. It’s more about ‘hot’ celeb boys and recycling gender stereotypes. What do girl readers learn about the opposite sex? That they are, disgusting, fart, pee standing up and aren’t just “good for pashing”, they can also be “quite useful” (“they can fix all the things you accidently [...]