Liquid Poison: Exposing the harms of binge drinking

Girl Mag Watch Girlfriend July 2013 Melinda Tankard Reist In my talks in schools around the country, I am told distressing stories of alcohol-related harm. Violence, sexual assault, damage to physical and mental health. My friend and colleague Paul Dillon, a drug educator with 25 years experience and founder of  Drug and Alcohol Research and [...]

Girl Mag Watch Girlfriend March 2013

Important articles on the dangers of sexting and pressures on girls to deliver oral sex There are two really important and timely articles in this issue. ‘The Sext files’, is straightforward and honest with readers about the risks of sexting. A recent GF survey found one in four readers have sent a sext. Personal stories [...]

Girl Mag Watch

A call for consistency in messaging to girls: Girlfriend February 2013  Many girls and young women look to girl’s magazines for advice on life, relationships, bodies, health and sexuality. But too often they receive conflicting advice and mixed messages and even, sometimes, outright contradiction. Take for example, information provided in the sealed section of Girlfriend [...]

Girl Mag Watch

Girlfriend December 2012 Newsflash: Three quarters of Girlfriend readers are not having sex - sex survey This may come as a surprise: 76% of Girlfriend readers are not sexually active. GF cites their reasons: Waiting to be in love (56%) Not wanting to have sex (37%) Feeling too young (31%) No particular reason (26%) Waiting [...]

Hot boys and recycling gender stereotypes

Girlfriend’s November issue is about boys. Sort of. It’s more about ‘hot’ celeb boys and recycling gender stereotypes. What do girl readers learn about the opposite sex? That they are, disgusting, fart, pee standing up and aren’t just “good for pashing”, they can also be “quite useful” (“they can fix all the things you accidently [...]

Readers getting younger: is Girlfriend moving in on Dolly?

Girl Mag Watch October 2012 Reading the October issue (yes, I know, just scraping this review in in time) of Girlfriend, I found myself checking the front cover to make sure I’d picked up Girlfriend and not Dolly. I’m wondering if perhaps Girlfriend is moving in on Dolly’s readership. And, if so, could this see [...]

Girl Mag Watch – Girlfriend Magazine, April 2012

The story of most significance to the health and wellbeing of girls this issue is the reporting of results of a survey of 1000 of Girlfriend’s readers who were asked how they felt about their appearance. Among the findings are: 25% don’t like what they see in the mirror Only 9% “proud of the way [...]

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Teen Mag Watch – Girlfriend Magazine, March Issue

Girlfriend’s ‘Reality Check’ has become a farce. But some positives in the March issue reports Melinda Tankar Reist in a new series aimed at keeping the spotlight on teen mags. Girlfriend magazine seems to have forgotten what its ‘Self Respect REALITY CHECK’ was intended for. A recap – it was designed to be an upfront [...]

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