‘I wish you were murdered’ considered banter by some students

Many Australian students don’t know the difference between banter and bullying, with some saying they joke about wishing their friend would “drown” or “die in a car crash”. More than 800 Australian students aged 11-16 took part in a survey asking about experiences of peer aggression. Almost half (48%) said they had been harmed, very [...]

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Protectives in Perspective

Working with students in a Behaviour School. How staff do it, every day? Lomandra School, in Sydney’s south west, is a NSW Public Behaviour School supporting students Years 5-12 with severe challenging behaviours and/or mental health issues. It is the largest of its kind in NSW, with an enrolment of 70 students. It is, essentially, [...]

Arguing May Raise Risk of Death for Middle-age Adults

Arguments may ruin more than just friendships. New research suggests that people who frequently argue with those close to them nearly triple their overall chances of a middle-aged death. A study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, details how researchers were able to find a direct association between the stressful nature of arguing [...]

Why Naming & Shaming Won’t Work

Last week the Queensland Government announced plans to name & shame repeat juvenile offenders. I wrote an opinion piece for the ABC in response.   You can read the full article here, but in summary I oppose such actions for one main reason.   It doesn’t work.   The rationale for naming and shaming is [...]

Girl Cliques

I have a male friend who calls his daughter's 'friends' emotional terrorists. When his child was 9-years-old she was the target of cruel smears and gossip for a year. This culminated in the day she came home and said 'Dad, I wish I was a boy like you, 'cos then they'd punch me and move [...]

Survey by the Victorian Equal Opportunity Commission finds racism is prevalent in the workplace

The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission surveyed 227 people about their experience with racism. The study, Reporting Racism: What you say matters, found almost a third of respondents had witnessed or experienced racism at work and three out of ten witnessed it in public. via Survey by the Victorian Equal Opportunity Commission finds [...]

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Girl Mag Watch

Girlfriend December 2012 Newsflash: Three quarters of Girlfriend readers are not having sex - sex survey This may come as a surprise: 76% of Girlfriend readers are not sexually active. GF cites their reasons: Waiting to be in love (56%) Not wanting to have sex (37%) Feeling too young (31%) No particular reason (26%) Waiting [...]