Understanding the NDIS: A History of Disability Welfare from ‘Deserving Poor’ to Consumers in Control

On July 1, 2016, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) moved from a trial phase to a full national roll-out. In this series on Understanding the NDIS, we explore how the scheme works, why Australia needs it, and the issues to be addressed before eligible Australians, such as many Indigenous people with disability, can receive [...]

Ms Bully

Photo: Bill Diedeie I find it easier to get along with males in the workplace," admits Christina N. She sounds sheepish when she says this, and I'm not surprised. Christina is one of the most committed feminists I know. Tall, stylish Gabrielle A shot to the top of her profession when she migrated [...]

No Singular Revelation

In early 2014, a Sydneysider was filmed racially abusing a young Asian woman on the train, shouting racist insults and loudly mimicking her accent. She then verbally attacked an Anglo-Australian man she presumed to be the woman’s partner. While the community response to the changes to section 18C, and the widespread public condemnation of attacks [...]

Is School Discipline A Breach Of Human Rights?

According to this article, 85% of Australian teachers send naughty students to the ‘Naughty Corner’, give them Timeout or tell them to leave the classroom. This caused something of a storm on Channel 9’s the Today Show Facebook site after the Dr Anna Sullivan appeared on the show. The reason? Dr Sullivan suggested that sending [...]

Positive Sex Education Vs Online Porn!

Who is teaching young people about sex and relationships in the digital era?   Issue Today, pornography’s influence is everywhere.  Porn influences mainstream advertising, music videos, fashion and popular culture.  Australian children are growing up in a digital world dominated by sexualised imagery that reinforces inequity and the notion that women are objects to be controlled, managed and dominated.             Use of pornography in [...]

Survey by the Victorian Equal Opportunity Commission finds racism is prevalent in the workplace

The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission surveyed 227 people about their experience with racism. The study, Reporting Racism: What you say matters, found almost a third of respondents had witnessed or experienced racism at work and three out of ten witnessed it in public. via Survey by the Victorian Equal Opportunity Commission finds [...]

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