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Ms Bully

Photo: Bill Diedeie I find it easier to get along with males in the workplace," admits Christina N. She sounds sheepish when she says this, and I'm not surprised. Christina is one of the most committed feminists I know. Tall, stylish Gabrielle A shot to the top of her profession when she migrated [...]

Makeup Is Compulsory

Is makeup akin to wearing a burqa? Photo: galleryhip A reader by the name of Lady Diazepam made an interesting comment in response to a blog I wrote last month about the stigma of obesity at work. She wrote about a time when she was languishing at the bottom of the office hierarchy. But as [...]

The Science of Empathy—and Why Some People Have It Less Than Others

Big hug. (Reuters/Miguel Vidal) Empathy is hot in business wisdom these days: Forbes says it’s invaluable, Apple’s training manual offers empathy exercises, and Virgin Group founder Richard Branson calls caring “key.” “Corporate empathy is not an oxymoron,” concluded an article in the Harvard Business Review on January 8. “It is a hard skill that should be required from [...]

Our Jobs Really Are Driving Us To Drink

We’ve all been guilty of it – dramatically exclaiming that work is going to drive us to drink after yet another gruelling day at the office. But it turns out there may be a little truth in the old saying after all. A new study published by the British Medical Journal suggests that working too [...]

Workplace Bullying

It is the silent epidemic that claims billions of dollars in revenue each year, but the biggest cost by far for a company that hires a bully is the trauma experienced by staff in the firing line. Workplace experts say that if bullies are not dealt with appropriately, low productivity, absenteeism and even physical illness [...]

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