How Domestic Violence Affects Women’s Mental Health

Every week in Australia, a woman is murdered by someone she knows. And it’s usually an intimate male partner or ex-partner. One in three women has suffered physical violence since the age of 15. In most cases (92% of the time) it’s by a man she knows. Added to this, one-quarter of Australian women have suffered emotional abuse from a current or [...]

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Women of Influence 2018: Young Leaders Determined to Change the World

There is something inspiring about young people and their belief in their power to change the world. Where older people talk about changing workplaces or, at a stretch, governments, their younger counterparts have their sights on a much bigger picture. "As a young female leader, I am motivated by service to my community and service [...]

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Want To Raise Empowered Girls? Start Early

Don’t try to be perfect Girls’ desire to please can backfire. Rachel Simmons, author of “The Curse of the Good Girl: Raising Authentic Girls With Courage and Confidence,” explains that when girls focus on winning approval, they shy away from risks. “If you’re a quintessential good girl, you experience failing as letting someone down. Instead [...]

Women And People Under The Age Of 35 At Greatest Risk Of Anxiety

Getty Images Women are almost twice as likely to experience anxiety as men, according to a review of existing scientific literature, led by the University of Cambridge. The study also found that people from Western Europe and North America are more likely to suffer from anxiety than people from other cultures. The review, [...]

Global Sleeping Patterns Revealed By App Data

Think Stock The world's sleeping patterns have been revealed by scientists analysing data collected from an app. It showed the Dutch have nearly an hour more in bed every night than people in Singapore or Japan. The study, published in Science Advances, also found women routinely get more sleep than men, with middle-aged [...]

How TV Shows Get Away With Humiliating Women For Entertainment

Samantha Armytage 'faced her fear' of being covered in cockroaches on Sunrise. Photo: Channel 7 High above the Dubai skyline, a plane taking an aerial tour of the city begins to thrash and spin. The passengers inside are at first perplexed, and then begin to scream. As the plane further loses control, the [...]

Emma Murphy Shares Shocking Video With Facebook Followers

Emma Murphy said she thought long and hard before posting the video of herself with a black eye. Photo: Facebook She is usually posting images of her healthy tuna salad or morning workouts. But health and fitness blogger Emma Murphy had something more important to share with her Facebook followers on Tuesday. The [...]

What Do We Do Now That Suicide Rates Among Young Women Are On The Rise?

The rate of suicide in women aged 15-24 has jumped by 50 per cent to 6.3 per 100,000, new figures have found. Photo: Stocksy Jack Heath remembers her this way: a single mum on a disability pension. She had two darling teenage daughters, and she tried to do some extra work because that's what [...]

Domestic Violence Education: Connecting With Students Through Theatre

iStock photos Domestic violence statistics in Australia are horrifying. In the past year one in six women has experienced violence from a current or former partner, 63 women have been killed by family violence and childhood exposure to partner violence increases the likelihood of intergenerational violence [1]. The effect that domestic violence exposure [...]

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UNICEF: 98% Of Women In Somalia Have Undergone Female Genital Mutilation

In Mogadishu. (Reuters/Siegfried Modola) The practice of female genital mutilation is more widespread, and affects many more women and girls, than previously thought, according to a new report from Unicef. In the most-affected country, Somalia, 98% of the female population aged between 15 and 49 had undergone the procedure, the United Nations children’s [...]

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